How to stop your dog barking during church service

Posted May 18, 2018 12:03:56 How to prevent your dog from barking during a service at a church in Rock City, Michigan.

The article originally appeared on Business Insider.

Originally published May 18:01:52″What you’ll see is that the dog will come and it will get to a certain height.

If you’re going to have a service where you’re talking to a group of people, you have to make sure that everyone is seated,” explained Mike Schulz, director of the Rock City First Baptist Church.”

You don’t want to disturb anyone.

You want to have the right amount of people in the area so that your service doesn’t become a bit of a distraction.”

What you can do to avoid a church barkThe most effective way to avoid barking is to put down the microphone.

“If you don’t, you’re not going to be able to hear the message,” Schulz said.

“The most important thing is to be calm, and don’t be overly emotional or upset.”

If the congregation is already seated, you can make sure they’re all still there by holding your hand over your ears.

“Just listen to them, don’t shout,” he said.

“You’re not doing any harm.”

What to do if your dog’s barkingCommunity service at churches is a religious rite, with the congregation, members of the clergy and parishioners all working together to share the Lord’s Prayer and hymn.

It’s a rite of passage for a dog, but you shouldn’t worry if your pet is acting up at the service.

“It’s not a big deal if you’re a Christian and you have a dog and your dog wants to bark,” said Schulz.

“I think it’s just part of the service, but there’s nothing you can really do about it.”

If your dog is barking, don the microphone to try to quiet him down.

“That’s the best way,” he added.

“Once the dog is calming down, the only thing you can hope is that your dog has calmed down.

But if he’s not, you need to talk to the pastor.”

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