What the Bible tells us about the Battle of Armageddon

The Bible tells believers to be prepared to face death at the hands of God in Armageddon.

The Book of Revelation also warns that Armageddon will be an epic battle.

In the Bible, Armageddon is the destruction of the world and the end of the age of the gods.

It’s also the time when God will send a third coming of Jesus Christ and the resurrection of the dead.

“This is the time to prepare for the final judgment,” the Book of Daniel states.

“For the end is near, and the judgment will come on the earth in the last days.

This is the beginning of the end.”

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Then all the animals will be killed, and then will disappear from the earth.”

(Matthew 19:16,17)The Bible says that in the final days, God will cause the world to come to an end.

“The earth will become dust,” God said.

“And the inhabitants of the earth will be as dust.”(Jeremiah 9:15) “The end will be very near,” Jesus said.

He added, “This is what God said to the people: ‘You have said that you would be the end, and now you are the beginning.’

And when they saw the end coming, they said, ‘The end is nearer than the beginning!'”(Luke 24:46)In the last years of the last Millennium, the world will pass through a “crisis of faith.”

Christians are going to feel the wrath of God.

The world is going to come down from God’s wrath.

The end is imminent.

And it’s going to be a very bad time.

The Rapture is imminent and will happen within the next few years.

“You can be sure that the end for this generation is imminent,” a Bible prophecy says.

“When the days come when the wrath will be poured out upon the children of men, then you will know that it is the wrath that was with the fathers from the beginning.'”(Matthew 16:17)It’s an ominous prophecy, but it’s not impossible to believe.

The Bible is full of prophecy.

But, just like everything else in the world, there are certain things that can’t be predicted.

“It’s not possible to know how much of this book will be fulfilled and what part will not be,” says Dr. Paul Clements, a former senior pastor at the Bible Presbyterian Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

Clements believes that there are at least nine different prophesies in the book of Revelation.

Some of them are more difficult to predict than others.

Some are about God’s judgment, others are about the Raptures and the destruction, and others are all about the return of Jesus.

“Some of these prophecies are more like a series of big steps that will happen in the next several centuries,” Clements says.

Some prophecies might be more precise than others, some prophecies will be about events in the near future, and some prophecies are about events that are yet to come.

“But we do know that they are all prophecies,” he says.

The Bible predicts that the world’s economic system will collapse.

People will be forced to accept poverty and to live in poverty.

And people will be thrown into the wilderness, into a place where they cannot survive.

“There will be the first famine and then the second famine, the third famine, and so on and so forth,” Clement says.

The biblical prophes

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