What we know about the Church of Scientology’s secretive church

Posted November 09, 2019 05:19:50The Church of Satan is one of the world’s most notorious cults, and a cult expert is warning of a looming threat from the Church.

Key points:The Church has built up its base of followers in Australia by employing an elaborate web of front organisationsThe organisation has become one of Australia’s most secretive cults with its members being forced to wear black, blue or red shirtsCommunity activist and author Peter Dutton has spoken out against the church and called on the Australian Government to do more to stop itIn the 1970s, the Church was known for the cults activities, and in the 1980s the organisation was declared a non-religious organisation by the Supreme Court.

At the time, it was the most secretive and secretive cult in Australia, with its leaders being forced into extreme poverty.

But its reputation has since grown, and it has a reputation for making money from child abuse, selling stolen children, and child pornography.

The Church claims to have around 100,000 members worldwide, but it is known for its secretive and brutal organisation.

Since its founding in 1949, the organisation has used a web of fronts to make it very difficult for the Australian public to get to know the inner workings of the organisation.

The website of the Church is a treasure trove of documents and records that reveal its methods of mind control and child abuse.

This website is just a tiny bit of the huge amount of documents that are held by the Church, and the organisation itself, and that is what we’re going to look at in this podcast.

Peter Dutton is a leading figure in the anti-cult movement, and he is one who I would encourage the Government to look into, as he believes that this organisation is the most dangerous cult on the planet.

Peter has been an outspoken critic of Scientology and its founder, L Ron Hubbard, and has been involved in the Australian Parliament since 1996.

He has also been a key witness in the criminal trial of Scientology founder and leader David Miscavige.

Now, Dutton says that Scientology has become the most evil cult in the world and he believes the Government should do more about it.

In this podcast, Peter will talk about his experience as a child in the Church and how he came to see the organisation as evil.

Peter says that the organisation is not a cult.

He says that it is a cult which is controlled by a network of people who are desperate to control the Australian people.

Peter’s own father was a member of the church, and as a teenager, he became a member and then became a leader of the Scientology church.

Peter believes that it’s the same thing that is happening in Australia.

He believes that the Church has become so successful, that they have become so powerful that they are actually able to control society.

Peter said that they’re using people to control others.

They’re exploiting the children, they’re exploiting women, they are exploiting the elderly.

They’ve abused people with drugs, they’ve abused kids, they have abused women, and they’ve exploited the elderly in a way that they’ve never done before in Australia and the world.

Peter is also worried about the way the Church manipulates its members and children.

Peter spoke to The ABC about his experiences growing up in the cult.

Peter talked about how the church took his parents away from him and how they would abuse him and make him watch Scientology films and listen to Scientology speeches.

Peter told us that the people in Scientology are quite evil and that the way that it does that is through the manipulation of people.

You can’t control people, he said.

You have to be able to influence them.

In a new documentary, I’m Peter Dukes, the Australian journalist, and we speak to Peter about the rise of the cult, and how the Church uses people to achieve its ends.

The Australian has also made a documentary on the Church called ‘Scientology: The Cult’.

In the documentary, Peter discusses the history of the Australian Church and what he sees as its sinister nature.

Peter also spoke to us about the role of Scientology in Australia’s political landscape, and why he thinks the organisation’s actions should be challenged.

The ABC has launched a new podcast called The Cult that explores the origins of Scientology, and Peter talks to The Australian about the cult and the role it plays in our politics.

The podcast will be broadcast on Sunday, November 13 at 8:30am and 10:00am AEDT on ABC Radio National and will be available for free download on iTunes.

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