Which of the six presidents has the highest approval rating?

There are no easy answers for how the Gallup survey ranks presidents, and the way it does it is by tracking their ratings on six different criteria.

They’re called “trusts” because presidents are more likely to give themselves high ratings on them than others.

Trusts are assessed on a scale of one to five, with five being “very” and one being “somewhat.”

The presidents who received the most trust ratings in Gallup’s past poll, Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush, were presidents who had served in their administrations.

That’s because trust has been a key driver of how presidents rank among their own party.

For the first time, the public is asked about their trustworthiness.

In the past, trust ratings were measured by asking Americans to rate the presidents on a five-point scale, with three being “strongly favorable” and two being “totally unfavorable.”

But that measure is no longer accurate, and trust has fallen off significantly in recent years.

This time around, Gallup asks Americans to assess trustworthiness in six categories, with four being “trustworthy” and three being an “unfavorable” rating.

The presidents rated at the top of the list of trustworthiness are presidents who have held public office for more than eight years, such as Bill Clinton, George H, and George W Bush.

The first president to be rated “strong” by Gallup was Jimmy Carter, who was President Jimmy Carter’s predecessor.

The second-highest trust rating was Barack Obama, who served as President Barack Obama’s first and only term.

President Trump’s trust rating has dropped from five to two, with Hillary Clinton receiving the highest rating of all four presidents.

The third highest trust rating is George W. Bush.

He was President George W George WBush’s first term.

The lowest trust rating of any president was Bill Clinton.

In fact, Clinton’s trust ratings have plummeted in the past few years, dropping from a low of five in May of 2014 to a low score of one in October of 2017.

The Gallup survey also asks Americans how well they trust their leaders.

Gallup also uses three questions to assess a president’s ability to get along with the public.

First, Gallup asked the president to describe how they would deal with a hypothetical situation that had been going on for a long time.

Second, Gallup polled Americans about their confidence in their leaders and their ability to govern effectively.

Third, Gallup assessed how well a president could handle difficult or difficult-to-disclose situations.

The fourth and final question is the most revealing of all.

Gallup asks the public, “If you were asked to lead the United States, what would you do?”

Presidents are asked to describe their approach to governing in six different ways: I would be the best to work with.

I would work with the Congress, the executive branch, and all of our stakeholders to enact and implement the policies that are best for the country.

I will work to make sure that Americans feel that they are represented by their government.

I am the best leader to lead.

I believe that all Americans should be treated fairly.

I plan to make it easier for Americans to obtain information and information services.

I want to make our economy stronger and I want every American to feel safe in their lives.

And finally, the president is asked how he would handle any of the other six questions.

The last two questions, on trustworthiness and effectiveness, measure a president in terms of how well he can handle difficult situations.

As of this week, there are eight presidents who earned three or more “very unfavorable” ratings on the trustworthiness scale, and eight who earned one “slightly unfavorable” rating on the “trustworthiness” scale.

Two of those presidents, Bill and George, were President Clinton and President George H Bush.

Presidents who received “very favorable” ratings for their ability as leaders include Bill Clinton (five “very positive”) and George Herbert Walker Bush (four “very positively”), and President Barack Hussein Obama (four on the negative “trust” scale).

Presidents who earned “slight” or “moderate” ratings include John Kerry (four negative) and Donald Trump (three negative).

Trump has the least trustworthiness ratings among the presidents, with only three “sighs” (four of whom are “strong,” and two of whom were “moderate”).

The presidents with the least “strong positive” ratings are George W and Bill Clinton’s son, Donald Jr., and his daughter, Ivanka Trump.

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