The Church of Scientology is about to become a living water church: Recode

The Church at the Center of the Universe is a new kind of religion, an attempt to connect all humans in the world to a single god and to create a better world.

It’s about to take off.

The church has created a website,, that will host an event every Thursday at 6 p.m.


The site features a live stream of the live stream, as well as a “guru” who will answer questions from members and share the latest news from the church.

It will also have live audio feeds of live streamed events, and live photos and video.

The live stream will be moderated by a moderator called the “gurus” or “princesses” who is also the leader of the Church at The Center of The Universe.

It’ll be up to members to post questions on the live streaming site.

And members can ask for answers from the new church leader, the “god of living water,” who will be revealed to the world.

The site is free and open to anyone with an internet connection, but there are limits.

There are no registration requirements, no restrictions on what you can and can’t say, and no requirement that you use the site as a way to get involved in Scientology.

The church will also ask for members to sign an agreement not to use the live streams as a forum for anything else except for questions or entertainment.

“We want the world, all people, to be able to be part of the living water community, to know the church and have the opportunity to ask questions, share ideas, and connect with other members of the community,” said the church’s founder, David Miscavige.

“So if you want to become part of a global community, and you want the opportunity, that’s a good thing.”

“We’re hoping to have the live-streamed event every week at 6:30 p.b.m.,” said one of the moderators, Chris Tompkins, who will serve as the guru and who is part of what Miscaviges co-founded, the Church of Spiritual Technology, in 2013.

Tompkins is the new leader of Scientology at the center of the church, and he has been leading the live events for months.

Last week, he said the live event will be held Thursday at 7 p.y.m., and it will be open to all.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun, and the live feeds are going to get more interesting and more interesting as the event gets bigger,” he said.

He said it’s a bit of a surprise to be leading a live event in his hometown of Houston.

“I’m a big believer in live streams, I don’t believe in having them held up as the gold standard,” he told Recode.

“It’s an interesting challenge for the guru to be the only one in the church to be around.”LINK: Live Stream of the Living Water Church event (at 6 p:m.) at livewater.orgThe live streams will be hosted on the site.

Tompkin said members can get in touch with him on Facebook, but that is not required.

Members will also be able sign up for live streams via the church website, or through the website for the church that they are joining.

Toms site has a live-video feed of the event.

Toms live stream starts at 6pm ET.

He says there will be plenty of time for questions and entertainment.

But there will also probably be a few people asking questions.

He said he has met many people through the church through the Live Stream, and it’s just an awesome way to interact with other Scientologists.

“Some people, they’ll be like, ‘Oh, I know your name,’ or ‘Oh my God, this is my first time seeing this,’ ” he said, adding that he hopes his live stream gets some feedback from members.

“We’re all going to learn something from this.

That’s the great thing about it.

It allows people to learn about each other and learn about their faith, and we can have that conversation with people.”

The new church website and live stream are designed to get people talking about the church in ways they haven’t been doing for decades.

They also are aimed at the millions of people who have already joined the church or have recently joined.

Tombstone Church, the church founded by Miscavagings predecessor, David Koresh, has a reputation for harsh tactics.

But the new live stream is meant to get the word out that the church is a friendly and inclusive community, with open dialogue about the issues and problems facing people in the global church.

“If people want to come and join, we have a lot to offer,” Toms said.

“I think it’s great for people to have some connection to the church.”

He said there are

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