What you need to know about Bethany Baptists’ new logo

Engadgets reader Eric wrote in this week’s article: It was interesting to me to see Bethany’s new logo.

The church has a large logo with a big red cross.

This is the logo used for the church since it was founded in 2012, so it makes sense.

However, this new logo is different than the previous one.

Here’s a look at what Bethany says about it.

“Bethany Baptism is a family-owned and operated church, serving people in Bayside, Queens, New York and across the country.

The Baptists are a vibrant and inclusive group of people who seek to lead others to faith and healing.

As part of our commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we believe that we are called to serve our community in all that we do and to celebrate the life and mission of Jesus.”

So the new logo changes things up a bit, right?

Well, not exactly.

Here are the basics of the new one: the red cross is still the same, but the church’s new name is Bethany Baptist Church.

This new logo was made by a team of designers and has some changes.

First of all, there’s no church logo in the church now.

Instead, it’s a design for the new Bethany Church website.

The website is still in its early stages of development, so the design team was not able to reveal any of the design concepts.

The other major change is that the church has made the new name a bit bolder than the old one.

The new name, which also incorporates the phrase “Bees on a Mission,” is bold and bold.

And the church also changed the name of the Baysides Church chairs to “Bayside Bishops.”

There are also some subtle changes to the church logo.

On the left side of the logo, you can see the words “The Church of Bethany,” while on the right side, you see the phrase: “Bibbies on a mission.”

“Bubbly” and “Bibles on a Beads” are also part of the church name.

There’s also a new logo for the local BaysIDE community.

The BaysIDES are a group of five Brooklyn boroughs that are located in Brooklyn’s Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn, and Brooklyn Heights.

They’re a group that has formed the Bishops of Bays, Brooklyn.

The group is known for their work in the community.

They have a “Bishop Bays” program that offers local pastors the opportunity to share their knowledge and services with a community through volunteer work.

The logo has been updated with a new image.

And finally, the Bethany church website has also received some design updates.

A new logo will be made and the church will be celebrating its 150th anniversary this year.

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