When Grace Church closed, there was no one to take over its congregation

The Grace Family Church in the United Kingdom has closed.

The Grace family, a small evangelical Christian church founded by Grace and her brother, David, has been at the centre of controversy for several years.

The church was run by David Grace, who was convicted of murdering his girlfriend, Mary Berry, in 2010.

He was jailed for life, but was released in a 2012 commutation.

He then founded his own church, The Grace Baptist Church, in 2012.

It has been in the same church for more than two decades.

“There were a lot of problems in the church, particularly in the early days of the church.

There were allegations of sexual abuse, drug abuse, and then it was discovered that he had been sexually abusing children,” said Michael Kelly, who runs the Grace Family’s website.”

So, the church closed down.

They had no one in charge.”

The Grace Family has not spoken to the ABC about the closure, and has not responded to requests for comment.

In a statement issued to the Guardian, the Grace family said it had been contacted by ABC News to comment.

“We regret that the matter has come to our attention,” the statement said.

“The Grace Baptist church was established by the Grace and David Grace family in 1996 and is now in its 20th year of existence.”

It was a time of great spiritual change, and the Grace Church has been a source of support and encouragement for many people who were undergoing some difficult times.

“While we have made some difficult decisions in the past, the grace family has always remained true to its mission and mission alone, for the sake of those who have followed it through the years.”

A spokesperson for the United Methodist Church in Victoria confirmed that the Grace Baptist had been shut down.

“Although the Grace Community Church was shut down in May 2018, the United Church of Australia is committed to the continued presence of Grace Family churches in Victoria and to their continued contribution to the community,” the spokesperson said.

“Our priority remains the healing of the community, and that of all those who belong to it.”

A church spokesman said the Grace Faithful Family would remain open.

“This church is still open to all, regardless of age, gender or religious affiliation,” the spokesman said.

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