Why does the cross point church still stand?

St Mary’s Church in Central Australia is a cross point between two major Christian denominations, the Anglican and the Baptist.

The Anglican church is the largest denomination in the country and it has an almost universal reputation as the place where Jesus is buried.

Its members also include people who identify as Catholics, Pentecostals, and Evangelicals.

The church has a reputation for being a safe haven for gay people and is considered a refuge for the LGBT community.

But many Christians consider the church’s stance on same-sex marriage a problem for them.

According to ABC News, the church is also the site of a gay rights campaign that has been gaining momentum since June, when the country’s Supreme Court declared the state’s ban on same sex marriage unconstitutional.

The campaign is being led by a small group of people, led by former Bishop James Wilson.

According in a statement, they believe the church has become an example of the dangers of accepting gay marriage.

“The church should not be the last bastion of a homophobic culture that has not been stopped by a powerful and influential Christian community,” said the statement.

The ABC has been trying to contact Wilson and the other people who run the church online for a response to the issue, but has not received a response.

According the ABC, a spokesman for the Anglicans says the church “does not endorse same-gender marriage.”

But that hasn’t stopped some from making the claim.

“I think it’s fair to say that there are some people who have taken umbrage with the idea of having a church that does not have a position on gay marriage,” said Paul Johnson, a gay man and activist from Brisbane who runs a group called The Queers Against Same-Sex Marriage Coalition.

Johnson says he has been approached by people from both sides of the issue.

“They have asked me if I would like to be interviewed, but I have never had the opportunity to do so because I haven’t been able to do interviews for The Queer News, and because I’m a non-binary person,” Johnson told the ABC.

Johnson, who identifies as a Christian, has written a blog about the campaign, calling it “a hate crime”.

“We’re trying to get a response from the church and we have no intention of doing so,” he said.

The group says the Anglicanic church “supports marriage for gay and lesbian couples”.

They say the Anglicanas position on same gender marriage has not changed, but “the church is now officially against same-gendered marriage and has a policy against same sex couples”.

Johnson said the church was trying to convince him that the Anglicannians position on marriage was “not a big issue” but he “has been quite surprised” by the comments.

Johnson said he believes the Anglicanism’s stance “shouldn’t have been questioned” and that “there are some who believe it’s theologically sound.”

“I know there are people who are against same gender marriages and I respect them and believe they’re doing their best to be consistent with their faith, but for me, there is an issue of conscience,” Johnson said.

“We’ve got to stand up for our values and be honest about the fact that this isn’t our faith.”

Johnson is not alone.

A group of Australian Christian women who work in the church have called for the church to stand against same gay marriage and the Christian Coalition says it has not endorsed same- gender marriage.

But the ABC understands that some members of the church believe the Anglicanias stance is based on faith, and not based on a belief in the sanctity of marriage.

The organisation’s secretary, Helen Dutton, told the broadcaster she did not know if the church supported same-gay marriage but “it does make you question whether the church can be so comfortable with what they’re preaching to its members”.

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