Anglican church in Quebec gets its first new member in 30 years

The Anglican Church in Quebec has been the first church in Canada to receive a new member since the province announced a new mandatory three-year wait for women to be ordained.

A ceremony was held Tuesday to formally recognize the newly-minted member, known as Rev. Catherine M. Hickey, who is also the first openly gay priest in the country.

The church has been fighting for a place in the Quebec province’s mandatory three years of waiting for women.

The new member is also expected to have her name and religious beliefs added to a list of clergy in Quebec.

The move is the latest step by the province to accommodate the Anglican Communion in its efforts to bring more women into the priesthood.

“It is a historic moment, I think, in Quebec for the Anglicans to have that member and for it to be officially recognized in Quebec,” said Father Paul Leduc, president of the Diocese of Montreal.

“We are very excited to have a member of our church.”

A priest at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Montreal in 2001.

(Photo: J.M. Smollett, Getty Images)Michele Janssens, an Anglican priest who is the executive director of the Episcopal Church in Canada, said that it was a bittersweet moment for the church.

“There was a time where we felt very comfortable, I would say, within our church.

Now it feels like it’s very, very hard for us to be in our own church,” said Jansens.

“So we’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time.”

The Anglican Synod of Canada was created in 1997, and in the early days, the synod was the only one in Canada.

But in recent years, the group has been trying to expand its reach.

The group is now represented by a number of dioceses, including Saint-Laurent in Montreal, St. Mary’s in Gatineau, and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu in the Ottawa region.

The diocese of Ottawa has its own Anglican synod, which includes more than 200 churches in Ottawa, Gatineam, Ottawa, and Gatineaus.

But it is not the only diocese in Canada that has its first openly lesbian clergy.

In 2007, the Diocesan Synod in Ottawa was founded, and that diocese has a number female clergy, including two women and one man.

The Synod is one of two diocesan bodies that includes two openly lesbian bishops.

The other diocorate in the diocese is in Quebec City, and is led by a woman.

The Catholic Church in North America has also recently expanded its presence in Canada by welcoming women into its ranks.

The Church of God in North and South America is one such diocese.

The Vatican has said it will also welcome women to the ranks of priests in 2018.

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