How to get your foot in the door at your local church

In 2018, the Church of the Holy Cross became the first of its kind in the world to become an independent non-profit.

It’s run by the Sisters of St. Joseph, who are committed to bringing a more compassionate and inclusive environment to their flock.

In 2018, they announced a series of community events to help support its work, and on Monday, the church announced that it was adding two more events to its upcoming calendar.

For the first time, it will host a monthly service, called “Our Holy Communion,” where the faithful are invited to sit down for a private, spiritual, and celebratory meal.

It will be held on the evening of Nov. 19 and will be free of charge.

The second of the two events, called the “Lion’s Foot in the Door,” will feature the Sisters hosting a “surgical meal” at their headquarters, with proceeds benefiting a charity of the same name.

They are hosting the service in a small, wood-paneled room that is accessible only by a walkway.

They hope the food will bring the community together, and the service will serve as a way to support their work.

“The main reason for doing this is to help our community grow and to provide more space to connect,” said Sister Elizabeth Hurd, who will serve in the role of parish minister.

“There are so many people who need our help in so many different ways.

And we want to do everything we can to be a resource for those who need it the most.”

The church’s “Lions Foot” event, which is scheduled for Nov. 26 at its office, will be hosted by the sisters and their team at the St. Mary of the Angels in Montreal.

The Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament in the United States also hosted a service on Monday.

The group is one of many in the U.S. dedicated to helping members of the LGBTQ community find community.

The church said that each of the events is part of a broader effort to provide opportunities for “self-sufficiency and empowerment” and “reclaiming the space for our sisters.”

It said that it is the first-ever service of its type at a local church.

The “Our” service will include a short prayer and a Bible verse from St. Ignatius of Loyola, which has been the basis for the “sister’s prayer” for centuries.

The Sisters’ mission statement reads, in part: “We are committed not only to the sacred dignity of all persons, but also to the dignity of women and the dignity and humanity of all living things.”

The Sisters have not released a date for the event.

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