Which churches are the most damaged?

Some churches have been badly damaged in the Grenfell Tower blaze.

Here’s a look at some of the most prominent churches, with the damage and the repair costs.

St John’s Church, Kensington Palace, north London It was rebuilt in 2001 but the roof and façade were destroyed.

It had only a small choir and a chapel.

The choir has since been repaired.

The church was demolished in 2015 and rebuilt with new roof and windows.

It was built in a converted warehouse.

It has a small parishioner population.

St Mary’s Church of St James, Kensnington, north-west London St Marys Church, in Kensington, was a large and impressive church that was built during the 16th and 17th centuries.

The building has been partially rebuilt and the building has a large congregation of about 800 people.

It suffered some minor damage from the fire.

It is one of the oldest churches in the area.

St Paul’s Church and Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Newcastle Upon Tyne It was a small and small-scale church, with about 1,200 members.

It survived fire damage in a fire at the start of the 19th century.

St Margaret’s Church at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Newcastle Upon Tyme It was constructed during the 15th century, but was badly damaged by fire in the 18th century and was destroyed by fire.

The former church had been in a churchyard and was now a school.

The parish was converted to a nursery in the 1950s.

St Andrew’s Church in New York City The original St Andrews Church in the Bronx was demolished by fire and rebuilt by the Royal Archdiocese of New York.

The new church has an additional chapel and choir.

St Anne’s Church on New York’s Lower East Side, Lower Manhattan It was demolished and rebuilt, but many parts of the building are still standing.

It will be rebuilt.

St. James Church in London There are many churches in London that were built before the 17th century but were demolished by the 1710 fire.

St James Church was built on the site of a former church and is currently a nursery.

The archdiocese has a parish of about 500 people.

St Thomas More Church in Edinburgh, Scotland The original church was built by Henry VIII as a church in the 1690s and was converted into a school in 1722.

St Stephen’s Church was also built on that site.

The original building is now a museum.

St Mark’s Church near St George’s Cathedral in Edinburgh was also rebuilt in the 19,000s and is now an historic landmark.

The site was used as a nursery by children until the 1860s.

It used to be used as the main church of the cathedral.

The roof of the church has been replaced by a new structure and is one part of the restoration work.

St Bartholomew’s Church church in Birmingham The original parish of St Bartholympus was built between 1349 and 1355.

The main building of the original church had fallen on to a bridge over the River Selwyn in 1769 and the bridge was rebuilt, and then covered with a canopy.

The old church was used to store wine, which was transported by steam boat.

The congregation now consists of about 30 people.

There are a few parishioners.

St Francis Xavier Church, St Andrew Street, Birmingham The parish church of St Francis was built after the 1619 fire and was rebuilt after the fire, with new windows and a choir.

The chapel is now the chapel of St St Peter’s.

St Catherine’s Cathedral, Cardiff The original chapel and church were built in the 1350s.

The structure was damaged by the fire and then rebuilt, with an attached chapel and vestry.

The fire destroyed the church and vestries.

The local parishionants are still in the parish.

The restoration work has been hampered by a lack of funds.

St David’s Cathedral and Church in Liverpool The original Church of David was built around 1619 and is still standing and being renovated.

The Anglican Church of Liverpool has a strong congregation of Catholics, who are also the parishionens.

The cathedral and the parish church have both been rebuilt.

The damaged parishionery has been repaved and the church restored to a functioning state.

St Luke’s Cathedral near Liverpool, England The original cathedral was built before 1623 and is located on the former site of St Mary Magdalene’s Church.

The damage to the original cathedral has been repaired and the roof is now restored.

St Joseph’s Church St. Joseph’s Cathedral was destroyed in a blaze on the night of the fire that started on 22 April, 2017.

It now has an ornate tower and is the main sanctuary of St Joseph, a former bishop of Norwich.

The restored church has a choir, a large choir choir and choir halls.

St Vincent de Paul Church, Sheffield It was the oldest Anglican church in Britain and

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