How to stay safe on your first day of hockey season

When it comes to being on the ice, the first day is usually the best day.

This is especially true for players like Connor McDavid, who took his first shot with the Oilers and scored his first goal on his first shift in the lineup on Feb. 26.

And the fact is, you should be prepared.

Here are 10 tips to make sure you’re prepared to make the jump into the NHL.


Prepare for the first night in the NHL 2.

Plan for a quick night in front of the TV, with the best seats available 3.

Keep your personal belongings in a safe place (and your bag) 4.

If you’re in a rush to get ready for a game, bring a portable toilet and water 5.

If the NHL is your first stop, have a beverage or snack ready for when the games start 6.

Know your surroundings 7.

Plan ahead for the day ahead of time 8.

Bring a jacket, a sweater and shorts for when you are off to the races 9.

Get a haircut or shave before the game 10.

Make sure your body is in good shape to prepare for the game 11.

Get yourself a good pair of pants, socks, a helmet and gloves 12.

Don’t be afraid to be a little picky when it comes time to get your teeth cleaned 13.

Remember, if you need a good meal, bring it to the rink 14.

If there is a snowstorm or ice storm, get ready to go to the grocery store 15.

Be careful if you are taking a short flight, as there are a lot of flights in the area 16.

Dress for the weather 17.

Wear your best shoes and gloves 18.

If a fan is yelling at you for not taking a shower, take the shower and get your makeup done 19.

Use a towel to keep from getting your feet wet 20.

Wear sunscreen to protect your skin 21.

Dress appropriately and keep your feet dry 22.

Keep up with the weather on Twitter or Facebook 23.

Be safe 24.

Make a list of all your favorite foods to eat 25.

Know where to buy ice cream and beverages to enjoy in the cold 26.

Wear a helmet to watch games and get ready 27.

Use sunscreen 28.

Have fun 29.

Enjoy the day 30.

Keep the ice cream flowing 31.

Have a cold drink 32.

Plan on having a few beers and a bottle of wine 33.

Don your seat belt 34.

Get ready for the games 35.

Don a scarf and hat to keep yourself warm 36.

Take a shower before heading to the games 37.

Know how to change a diaper 38.

If an NHL game is cancelled, make sure your clothes are dry 39.

Don all your medication at home 40.

If it rains, make it a warm day 41.

Dress warmly 42.

Know which team will be in your town to watch the game 43.

Wear appropriate clothing 44.

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and socks 45.

Don an earplugs 46.

Be prepared for the cold 47.

Plan to leave your vehicle outside 48.

Know the time of day 49.

Wear an eye mask 50.

Wear shoes that can withstand the cold 51.

Have your car inspected before you leave your house 52.

Have an umbrella 53.

Wear comfortable shoes 54.

Make yourself comfortable in your home 55.

Plan your travel plans 56.

Know what you can bring to the game 57.

Dress well for a cold day 58.

Dress smart in your car 59.

Dress to impress 60.

Know when to wear makeup to make yourself look more present 61.

Wear safety glasses 62.

Wear light clothing 63.

Wear sunglasses 64.

Know who your neighbors are 65.

Be aware of the weather 66.

Know exactly what time of year it is 67.

Know if you can walk or take a bus 68.

Know you have access to a grocery store 69.

Plan out your meals 70.

Know ahead of the game when you can buy food 71.

Know to take a shower 72.

Know a few things you can do before a game 73.

Know all your friends’ addresses 74.

Plan a trip to the mall 75.

Have food prepared for when it’s cold 76.

Know why you should arrive at your destination 77.

Know everything about the ice rink 78.

Plan the time and date of a charity game 79.

Know about parking availability 80.

Know before you go 81.

Know that you will need to pay for a parking spot if you have to park outside 82.

Know parking rules 83.

Know and understand when to park in a designated spot 84.

Know oncoming traffic rules 85.

Know there are no free parking spaces at the rink 86.

Know at which time of the year the games begin 87.

Know in advance what time the games will start 88.

Know an approximate parking lot name 89.

Know whether the rink is free or not 90.

Know other areas of the city 91.

Know weather and traffic conditions 92.

Know emergency numbers 93.

Know rules and regulations 94.

Know police departments and fire

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