When churches are shadowed by shadow mountain, churches can’t go back in the closet

First congregational churches in California can’t open their doors to the public for fear of being shadowed.

As a result, many churches have been forced to close their doors. 

And now, a shadow mountain church is opening its doors again. 

A shadow mountain Baptist church in Northview, California, is opening to the world again.

According to ABC affiliate KPCC, the church opened its doors last week after its doors were shadowed in 2016. 

The church opened to the community on Wednesday after an extensive renovation. 

“We had a vision for what we wanted to do with this church and we really wanted to get it up and running, said Pastor John Cuthbert. 

He said they were planning to build a new church for the church, but that will not happen until the end of the year. 

So they are looking to reopen on December 7.”

It’s really a blessing because now people know that this is the place where the gospel is, and it is a blessing that the community feels comfortable with it,” said Cuthbett. 

Cuthbert also said that they will be donating funds from the sale of the church to local non-profit organizations. 

Pastor John Cithbert and his wife, Lorie, opened their first congregation in Northridge in November, 2017. 

They started the congregation with two people, but now they have more than 100.”

I think it’s a blessing, because it’s really giving back, and I think the community will see it as a way to give back,” said Lorie Cuthberts. 

As for what they plan to do for the remaining days of their stay, Pastor John said that the group plans to teach the gospel.”

We’re looking to expand and give our people more opportunities,” he said.”

In order to give more opportunities, the Bible says we need to be in the world.

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