Which churches are suffering most from climate change?

2 minutes ago The latest data on climate change shows the church attendance and number of people attending the second Baptist church of Canterbury (BC) has decreased, a year after the second church of Scotland was hit by a major fire.

According to the latest census data, the total number of baptisms of the Anglican Church of Scotland in 2017 fell from 1,832,078 to 1,798,077, the biggest drop of any British Anglican church.

This is in addition to the drop in baptisms in Scotland.

The drop in church attendance follows a number of other recent events.

The Anglican Communion is due to vote on a new charter that could result in the church split.

In May, Anglican Bishop of Edinburgh Stephen Curry announced that his church was preparing to go public on the issue of climate change and the importance of climate justice.

Curry told a news conference: “Climate change is affecting our people’s lives in a number not only socially, but in a way physically and economically, and the impacts on the environment are also having a profound effect on the lives of all of us.”

The Bishops conference of Scotland is expected to vote next week on the draft charter of the new church.

A spokesperson for the church said the church was continuing to work to meet its goals, including working with climate scientists to develop a strategy on the impacts of climate changes on the church.

The church has faced some criticism in recent years, with some of its past and current members accused of promoting climate change denial.

The number of Bishops conferences and meetings to be held on the topic of climate is currently low.

The church has also seen a spike in the number of bishops who have left the organisation.

However, the rise in the popularity of the church in the United Kingdom, where the church is the official church of the state, has also led to the creation of a group called the Royal Society for the Promotion of Science (RSOS), which has advocated for a reduction in CO2 emissions and a reduction of church attendance.

The ROS is currently working on a report to the government on how to tackle the impact of climate on religion.

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