Why is the US not going after white supremacists?

I have been thinking about why the US is not taking on white supremacists, a topic which has been on my mind since the election of Donald Trump.

As a US-born person of colour, I have witnessed racism from both the right and left.

While I have come to the conclusion that it is not a good idea for me to have a relationship with white supremacists in America, I also feel like the US should be more concerned about other racist movements, like the KKK.

I think that when white supremacists are not being dealt with as a criminal problem, they can be a force for positive change in the world.

I also believe that the world is going to be better if there are more positive and positive voices being heard from all corners of the world, even if it means that the people who have made the decisions that are causing the problems for the world are not always able to get their voices heard. 

For me, it is about recognising that racism is not an issue that we are going to solve.

It is something that exists and it is there.

The only solution is to dismantle it.

This is why I believe the church is an essential part of the solution, because it is a place where people of colour are able to express their thoughts, concerns and feelings.

It does not matter how good they look, how well educated they are or how well they perform on tests or how much money they have, if they cannot find an outlet for their racism, they will find it at the church.

It means the world to me that the church has always been a place that has allowed me to come out of my comfort zone, where I have found refuge and healing from my own prejudices and the ideas that I have.

In the early 1980s, I attended a church where my brother was a pastor and where I also learnt to love people.

He was an articulate, well-educated and well-known white evangelical who was the leader of the church and one of the few who understood me.

He made a point of being respectful and understanding and not using my colour or race to gain his approval.

When we went to his church, he would often ask if he could have his photograph taken with me and if I wanted to wear a cross.

At the time, I was not very religious, but I could see how he could be used to get what he wanted.

This was an important lesson to me.

The way I viewed race, class and religion was not just a matter of my own personal experiences but a matter that was rooted in my experience as a white American, a result of the systematic oppression that my family and I were subjected to for generations.

My brother and I attended church in the same congregation.

I attended Sunday school with him and we would go to church together, often sharing a bible.

At first, he felt like he was doing something right.

I didn’t know what to make of this young man, who had come to me for advice on how to deal with a problem that had been a constant part of my life for many years.

I would ask him questions like: “How do you feel when you see a person with black skin?”

“How does your brother feel when he sees a person of color?”

“Is it possible to love the world when you do not love your own skin?”

I remember sitting at his altar and talking to him for the first time in my life about my race.

I was a little embarrassed, because I was so uncomfortable about it, but as we talked, I felt like my thoughts had just been blown away by him, my feelings of worth and worthlessness had been brought to the surface.

I felt the words that he was saying, and he was telling me about the things that he loved, and the things he had experienced.

I had no idea what to think, I did not know how to respond.

I just felt that I needed to talk to him and ask him if he felt the same way.

And as I was asking him this, I realised that I was actually saying the very same thing that he had been saying to me: “What does it mean to love yourself when you are not loved by others?”

We were not the only ones to struggle with this.

There were thousands of black people who were forced to leave their homes, their families, and their churches because of racism.

The US has a history of not being as open about racism as it should be, but many of these people were left feeling left out, marginalised and unable to speak up for themselves.

And I think we all need to be more open about our experiences and about the ways in which we are impacted by racism.

This is why when I was asked by the church to lead the church, I had to put aside my personal beliefs and start thinking about the world from the perspective of people of all races, ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations

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