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GetAssociationByBaseId returns null when the workflow association is disabled

This in my opinion is a bug but feel free to disagree. I came across this odditty when checking that workflow associations were enabled before attempting to start the workflow programmatically.

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Retrieving the content type of list items in a list item collection via JavaScript client object model

This took me a little while to work out – the documentation is pretty good but still requires a little bit of further exploration. I originally thought that you would require two service calls: one to get the list item … Continue reading

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Content Types, Inheritance and the RemoveFieldRef element

This is an issue that has just bitten me so wanted to document my findings. There are quite a few postings out there on this – this is my take on it following some extensive testing of the different combinations.

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Overriding SharePoint List Form Templates and Using Custom Form Templates

A while ago I alluded to using custom form rendering templates to display the Item ID on a list form. I have also used them to exclude the PeopleEditor control from the OOTB spell check. What I didn’t say was … Continue reading

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Content type added to a list does not appear on the New Menu

I’m not sure if others have encountered this behaviour when progammatically adding a content type to a list. In the following code I am adding a content type to a list and ensuring that it appears on the new menu, … Continue reading

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